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JSPM's Imperial College of Engineering and Research, Wagholi   Accredited "A" Grade by NAAC

GFM Scheme


1. To address the concern of students, GFM works upon each and every issue related to personal and academics .This helps the students to have stress free and happy environment so that they can concentrate fully on academics.
2. To help the students to identify and solve their problems and needs time to time.
3. To extend their support by working towards the aspects like punctuality, discipline, regularity etc. for overall development and motivate the students for excellence in academic and co-curricular parts.
4. To keep a record of the students entrusted in their care; the record contains information on the cultural, geographical, educational, economic and family background of the student.
5. To keep continuous track of the academic performance of each allotted student.
6. To identify the reasons for underperformance and /or decline in academic performance - language barrier, under nutrition and other health issues, cultural gap, economic status, first generation learner, first time resident student etc. The needed support system should be immediately extended to the student. If the GFM feels that the reason for underperformance is more deep rooted than the normal, the student should be referred to the institute counselor.
7. To explore hidden talent in the student from their respective batches and make them enough confident to participate in every event with zest.
8. To monitor daily attendance of students. If attendance found poor GFM should try to find out the reasons and with proper counseling ensure daily attendance and proper academic progress.
9. To keep track of students’ attendance and to ascertain whether there is any correlation between their attendance and performance and if so, to what degree.
10. To intimate parents in case of serious problems and ask them to visit to the institute to solve the problem and to bring the student (especially defaulters) in the proper academic flow.


1. To ensure availability of support and guidance to students for students development and resolving their problems.

2. To ensure holistic development of student.

3. Create point of contact for students and their parents for any information and queries.


1. Improves communication between students and mentor for academic excellence, stress management and time management.

2. Academic Performance Monitoring.

3. Career and self-awareness among students.

4. Understanding students’ academic and social problems well in advance.


1. One teacher is nominated as ‘Teacher Guardian’ for fifteen students To build cordial relationship between student and faculty and to make them comfortable with the new environment. Also to help them cope up with extensive engineering curriculum pressure.
The one to one interaction with the student helps the faculty members to understand them better and can monitor their progress. In this endeavor the institute has started GFM activity. GFM is assigned to a group of 15-20 students, who helps the students to identify and solve their problems and needs from time to time.

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