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JSPM's Imperial College of Engineering and Research, Wagholi   Accredited "A" Grade by NAAC

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration


“To become pioneer in disseminating managerial knowledge, skills and ethics to groom the students for universal business leadership.”


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From the HOD's Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the creative world of ICOER, MBA Department. India today has gained excellent economic power and its economy is growing at a faster rate. The present business environment is characterized by continuous changes demanding dynamic leadership. Technical Education is the backbone of every nation and is the stepping stone for a country to move into the comfortable zone of a developed nation.
With global competition and changing technology lifelong learning has become the order of the day. Result oriented leaders need to constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills to succeed. The Department of MBA is committed to developing leaders to excel in today’s rapidly changing corporate world.

Prof. Dr. Prabha Singh

Head, Master of Business Administration

Dr. Ravi Shankar Joshi


Dr. Prabha Singh

Head of Department & Professor

Dr. Shalini Swamy

Assistant Professor
PhD(HR), MBA(HR),B.E (Electronics),UGC NET


Assistant Professor

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Events /Activity


Name of Event: “Rubicon” Life Skills Training & Development
Date of the Event : 2nd March 2022 to 7th March 2022
Time of the Event : 10.00 AM to 04.00PM
Venue of the Event : KIMR Seminar hall.

Student Transformation through Technology Backed Skill Development to fill the skills gap that exists in talent across the Students. To Focus on Life skills development which includes Resilience, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, Confidence and Enthusiasm for learning, E-mail etiquettes.

JSPM’s ICOER MBA Department, Wagholi Organized “Rubicon”, Life Skills & Training & Development for MBA Students.

Conduction :
Mr. Prashant Sonawane (Trainer-Rubicon) graced the stage and conducted the “Soft Skills Training & Development training for the students. The Training included:
Resilience – learning to keep going when things don’t go according to plan, coping with the unfamiliar, managing disappointment and dealing with conflict Teamwork – learning to connect and work with others to achieve a set task Leadership – assessing the requirements of a task, identifying the strengths within the team, utilizing the diverse skills of the group to achieve the set objective, awareness of risk/safety Communication – demonstrating clear briefing and listening skills, not being afraid to ask for help and support when necessary Confidence and enthusiasm for learning – developing self-motivation, raised aspirations and belief in one’s own abilities, defining and committing to achieving one’s goals

Students & Faculty response & participation :
All the students of Management of MBA I & MBA II attended the “Soft Skills Training & Development programme proactively.

International Women’s Day Celebration

Name of Event: "International Women’s Day Celebration"
Awareness programme on “Menstrual hygiene management, we can talk about it"
Date of the Event : 8th March 2022
Time of the Event : 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Venue of the Event : KIMR SEMINAR HALL

"International Women’s Day Celebration” & awareness on menstrual hygiene management, we can talk about it!!!!!! To do away with old mindset of use and throw napkins, it is a little change in our attitude and habit to protect our environment from the gigantic mountain of discarded napkins.
Some of the objectives are mentioned below:
• Women’s Day celebration in honor of their remarkable contribution to our society.
• Awareness programme on menstrual hygiene management, we can talk about it!!!.

JSPM’s ICOER MBA Department, Wagholi organized "International Women’s Day Celebration” for MBA Students. This International Women’s Day Celebration” was for all management students MBA I & MBA II. It was in honor of Women’s remarkable contribution to our society. Awareness Program on Menstrual hygiene management, we can talk about it!!!!!! Was conducted to all the students of MBA.

Guest Details & Conduction :
Rtn. Neena Raysoni (Green Chairperson Rotary) herself graced the stage and conducted the Awareness Programme with interactive session on “Awareness Programme on Menstrual hygiene management, we can talk about it “.All the students of Management of MBA I & MBA II attended the "International Women’s Day Celebration” programme proactively. On this "International Women’s Day Celebration” this Awareness programme helped the students in understanding menstrual hygiene management especially all female students. Also, it helped them understanding the importance of menstrual hygiene management and should be talked about frequently without any guilt and hesitations. !!!!!! To do away with old mindset of use and throw napkins, it is a little change in our attitude and habit to protect our environment from the gigantic mountain of discarded napkins.
Students & Faculty response & participation :
All the students of Management of MBA I & MBA II attended the, " International Women’s Day Celebration” & “Awareness Programme on Menstrual hygiene management, we can talk about it” proactively.


Name of Event: Seminar on “How to Kickstart your Professional
Career” by VIOSA
Date of the Event : 12thFebruary 2022
Time of the Event : 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.
Venue of the Event : KIMR, Seminar Hall

At VIOSA, they consider all there all-time difficulties faced by Job-seeking graduates &create a robust technology platform that helps them get JOB-READY, build their professional profiles, & guides them to achieve their aspirational employment.

JSPM’s ICOER MBA Department, Wagholi organized Seminar on “How to Kickstart your Professional Career” by VIOSA for MBA Students. This Seminar was for all management students MBA I & MBA II.VIOSA is the outcome of various student interactions across colleges in India. During these exchanges, most student queries focused on understanding the right approach to identifying suitable corporate sectors and required readiness for the desired jobs.

Conduction & Guest Details:
ASHISH SARDESAI Founder of VIOSA himself graced the stage and conducted the seminar with interactive session on “How to Kickstart your Professional Career”. All the students of Management of MBA I & MBA II attended the seminar proactively. This seminar helped the students in understanding the right approach in identifying suitable corporate sectors and required readiness for the desired jobs. Also, it helped them understanding various job-related competencies, also sector-based competencies to embark to their professional career.

Students & Faculty response & participation : All the students of Management of MBA I & MBA II attended the seminar proactively.


Name of Event:
“BLOOD DONATION CAMP” on Auspicious Occasion of birthday of our Honorable Chairmen & Founder Secretory JSPM Group, MLA (Maharashtra State) Prof.Dr.T.J.Sawant Sir.
Date of the Event : 15th March 2022
Time of the Event : 09.00 AM to 05.00PM
Venue of the Event : JSPM'S WAGHOLI CAMPUS, Imperial College of Engineering & Research (C Building)(Mechanical Dept.) Ground Floor
To make students aware about blood donation and its benefits. Awareness about the noble cause they perform by donating blood.

Blood cannot be manufactured - it only comes from generous donors to save the society and mankind.
And this was the day 15th March 2022 where number of students, faculties from JSPM Wagholi Campus came forward and did this noble cause on the occasion of birthday of our beloved & Honorable Chairmen & Founder Secretory JSPM Group, MLA (Maharashtra State) Prof.Dr.T.J.Sawant Sir
Conduction :
A Blood donation camp was organized by JSPM Wagholi Campus, on Auspicious Occasion of birthday of our Honorable Chairmen & Founder Secretory JSPM Group, MLA (Maharashtra State) Prof. Dr. T.J.Sawant Sir.
It was in collaboration with Pune Blood Bank through which more than 110 units of blood was donated by both students and the staff members of our JSPM Wagholi Campus.
The camp began at 9:00 A.M with a short inaugural function by Chief Guest of the Blood Donation Camp; Honorable Campus Director Dr. S.V.Admane Sir along with Principal Dr. R.S. Deshpande sir, they expressed gratitude to the Blood donation Camp unit of the College.

Students & Faculty response & participation :
• Student:
Many students from MBA participated in the blood Donation Camp
Faculty Response:
All the faculties helped CESA Committee students to carry out the program successfully.

Women’s Day Celebration (8th March 2021)

ICOER- MBA department had organized a One day programme on the event of Women’s day on 8th March 2021. The event was conducted through online mode where the session started with the welcome address delivered by our HOD, Dr. Prabha Singh. Dr. Prabha Singh welcomed the two renown guest speakers, Dr. Hema Balaji., M.D (Homeopathy) and Dr. Archana Seth., MD (Gynecologist). During the first session, we had Dr. Hema Balaji, who spoke about how stress level in woman leads to various associated health issues and healthy food habits and other practices which needs to be practiced for a healthy living.
Later in the second session we had Ms. Archana Seth, Gynecologist who spoke about various female health-oriented issues, how it can be treated if diagnosed early and also emphasized on following healthy life style, yoga and meditation. Later, Dr. Archana Seth had answered all the queries posted by the girl students and the session was a highly interactive and was highly informative and useful for girls.
The event ended with Dr. Shalini Swamy rendering the Vote of Thanks.

Entrepreneurship Development Workshop (12th March 2021)

A one-day Entrepreneurship Development Workshop was conducted by Department of MBA, ICOER to develop the entrepreneurial skills among the MBA students. The session was conducted through online mode, which started with Dr. Prabha Singh, HOD- MBA welcoming the speaker of the session Mr. Jitendra Gupta, Entrepreneur, Author, Chairman of MD Biz iuris Foundation.
Mr. Jitendra Gupta, spoke about the road map of success towards becoming a successful entrepreneur, by explaining his personal experiences and struggles towards reaching the fruit of success.
He emphasized the students to acquire the skills for better entrepreneurial activities and guided the students with his motivational speech.
He also patiently answered the several questions posted from student side which was very informative for the students.
This session ended up with Prof. S.V. Pradeepa rendering the Vote of Thanks.

Guest Lecture on Career Guidance & Job Opportunities in Maharashtra State Services(24th Feb 2021)

A guest lecture was arranged for the I & II year MBA students to bring awareness about the various opportunities in Government sector after MBA in association with Udemy. Ms. Dipti Nair from Unacademy explained the students about the MPSC examinations, how to prepare for the competitive examinations. The preparatory methods need to be followed by the students to excel in MPSC examinations for better placements. It was an interactive session which was very useful to the students.

Induction Programme (10th Feb 2021 to 13th Feb 2021)

ICOER- MBA department had organized a four-day induction programme to the newly admitted students of the MBA during the year 2020-21. Initially the Principal of ICOER, Dr. R.S. Deshpande had welcomed all the students to the institute and motivated them to perform well in both academics and extra- curricular activities. Following that the Head of the Department, Dr. Prabha Singh, explained about the features of 2019 CBCS pattern and also about the various activities which were conducted during the last academic year. On the Second day of the event, Prof. Digambar Pawar, TPO- ICOER, spoke about the various skills students need to acquire for better placements. Later Mr. Mithun Thorat from Scholarship section explained the various scholarship schemes available for post graduate students. Following that Prof. S.V. Pradeepa spoke about the various committees in the college, its composition and the functioning of the committees.
On the third day, there was an alumni interaction session where Mr. Nikhil Chandana who is working as a sales manager at Whitehat Junior spoke about the importance of communication skills for better placement. Following that, Ms. Kavita Bhuniwal, Director of PropOrion Consultancy explained about the skills required for becoming a successful entrepreneur. On the final day of the induction program, Ms. Swati Ram who is a motivational speaker spoke about the importance of ethics and values which any human should possess in his lifetime for becoming a responsible citizen. The four-day programme came to an end with Dr. Shalini swamy rendering the Vote of Thanks.

Parents Teacher Meet

ICOER- MBA department organized a Parent Teacher’s Meet on Nov 30th 2019, which provided a great platform for interaction of the faculty members with the parents of I & II year MBA students. Dr. Varshhaa Rokaade, HOD of MBA department welcomed the parents and appreciated their valuable presence for the event. This event paved way for better communication and interaction with the parents and faculty members where the parents were explained in detail about the MBA curriculum and the role of MBA in better career opportunities for the students.
Parents were really happy about the performance of their wards and the institute’s efforts in molding them into responsible citizens.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration- Visit to Aga Khan Palace

ICOER – MBA had visited the Agakhan Palace on the event of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji, where students paid tribute to the Father of Nation and took a pledge to follow the Gandhian principles in all the aspects of their lives.

Swacchata Hi Sewa – A cleanliness Drive

ICOER – MBA students participated in the Swacchata Hi Sewa, as per the principles given by the Father of our Nation, on the event of 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji,where the students participated actively in cleaning the environment inside the college premises and emphasized the importance of Cleanliness and Hygiene in every day life through this activity.

Industrial Visit – Weikfield India Pvt. Ltd

ICOER – MBA department organized an Industrial Visit to Weikfield India Pvt. Ltd on 28/02/2020 where the students of I & II MBA were taken to the Industrial Visit. This industrial visit was organized in order to have better understanding of how the various theoretical concepts taught in the classroom are used practically in the organization. Students were explained in detail about the working of the organization by the employees of the organization, the products produced by them and the processes followed in the production of the various products of the organization. The students then visited the Mushroom production plant, where they were explained in detail about the steps involved in Mushroom plantation.
Students had a great learning experience and it gave them a better learning platform where they inquired about the various roles and functions of the various departments of the organization.
This activity promoted towards better learning experience and led to a holistic learning for the students.


ICOER MBA department had conducted the event AD MAD on 4th February, in which the students from various colleges participated and showcased their talent.
AD MAD was a group event in which the students were asked to market a product or service in a funny manner and exhibit their marketing and selling skills accordingly.
The judge for the event was Dr. Pankaj Nandurkar, who judged the students on various criteria and also gave his valuable inputs for the student participants on how to develop their marketing skills to sustain in the changing needs and requirements of the market.
The winners of the event were students from BJS college, Wagholi and the runners were from ICOER- MBA department.


The most awaited event of ICOER is CRESTA in which students actively participated to exhibit their extra-curricular talents like dancing, singing, acting, anchoring and Fashion show.
Our MBA department students participated in all the cultural activities enthusiastically and enjoyed all the fun part in the college days during the days celebration and on the grand fiesta the CRESTA 2020 which was held on 9th Feb 2020.
Our students participated on all the spheres of CRESTA event and exhibited their management skills.

Orientation Programme

ICOER MBA department had organized a two day Orientation programme for the batch 2019 in order to make the students familiarize to the new syllabus which has been incorporated from the current Academic Year.
The orientation programme focused on familiarizing the students with the new atmosphere and new syllabus structure. The Head of the Department Dr. Varshhaa Rokaade welcomed all the honorable guests who made their presence for the event. Following that, Our honorable Principal Dr. D.D. Shah formally welcomed all the students and motivated them to develop their skills in order to fulfill the present market conditions. Later Dr. Prabha Sharma, a senior faculty member of the department explained about all the features of the new syllabus and the objective behind the change in the syllabus pattern, which focuses on the outcome based education and students employability skills. The programme ended with the formal Vote of Thanks by Dr. Shalini Swami. Through this orientation programme the students got to understand the various aspects of the new syllabus and the importance and the value added features of the new syllabus.

Guest Lecture on “Industry Expectations from Professionals”

There was a guest lecture on “Industry Expectations from Professionals” by Dr. Sarika Malhotra, Head III cell & Head T & P, on 18th September 2019. Dr. Sarika Malhotra who also serves as a recruiter for her family business, spoke on the importance of the aptitude skills, soft skills and the subject knowledge as the mandatory attributes which are to be possessed by the candidates for appearing in any interview. She also shared her experiences as an entrepreneur and the various phases of successes and downfalls which she had faced during the establishment of her family business. Also she emphasized on the fact that a patient listening skills of any individual will lead to greater heights in all the fronts of their lives.

Guest Lecture on “Tips to Achieve Success and Increase Productivity”

ICOER MBA Department had organized a session on the “Tips to achieve Success and Increase Productivity” by Mr. Rohan Dighe, TPO, ICOER on 20th September. Mr. Rohan Dighe had shared his valuable experiences on the expectations from the industries and how a candidate should project them during an interview. He also gave valuable inputs on how to write a resume, body language, communication skills and interview skills to the students of I & II year MBA students. This event was really an eye opener to the students and helped the students in boosting their confidence levels.

Guest Lecture on “Awareness about Sports”

A guest lecture on “Awareness about Sports” was organized by ICOER MBA Department on 19th September. The physical director of ICOER, Prof. Date explained the students about the various sports activities conducted in ICOER and asked students to participate actively in the events. Later students were taken on a visit to the Gymnasium and the sport center respectively.

Blood Donation Camp

On the occasion of our honourable President, Mr. Giriraj Sawant sir’s birthday celebration, ICOER had organized a Blood Donation Camp in association with Om Blood Bank. Our students of MBA department had actively participated in this event and donated blood for the noble cause and showcased the human values.

Start up and Entrepreneurship Conclave

Our students of MBA department had actively participated in the Startup and Entrepreneurship Conclave held on 26th,27th & 28th September, where the students had an eye opening session and the seeds for the future entrepreneurs were sowed by various experts like Dr. Nitin Parab, CEO, Evangelist Crosslink International, Mr. Navnath Yewale Co-founder of Yewale Amruttulya Tea, Ms. Ratnawali Ingale, Director,
Café U & Me shared their experiences of various milestones achieved by them in the path towards success. Students were really inspired by their motivational speech and they had a great experience and learning, listening to their role models whom they aspire to be in the future.

Induction Programme

ICOER MBA department had organized a three day Orientation programme for the batch 2018 in order to make the students familiarize to the new course and it was followed by the Induction programme on August 11th 2018. The induction programme named as “UDAAN” was really a significant event to the students as they had a wonderful resource person Mr. Kavlaya Kandalgoankar, Manager Vodafone Shares Services India. He enlightened the students with the various job opportunities the students have under the various fields of specialisation as a MBA graduate and also the importance of MBA in the organisation. He also shared his experiences and elaborated the students on how to face the challenges in an interview.
He also motivated the students to develop their skills through MBA to be job ready in the job market and enjoy their learning experience in the college. Students participated with great involvement and found the session as an eye opener for them and in overall had a great experience. It was a real Kick-Off session for the new batch of students and built a great confidence among them.

Fresher’s Party

The Second year students of MBA had organized the Fresher’s Party to have a cordial relationship with their juniors. It was a fun filled event conducted by the seniors with various cultural events and games.
The first year students enjoyed themselves and at the end of the day, based on the various events conducted for both boys and girls, Mr. Fresher and Miss. Fresher were announced.


1.Attended "India First Leadership Talk by Shri. Anand Mahindra, Chairman Mahindra Group (Webinar) on 8th Jan 2019 from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

2. Attended Facebook Live Session by MHRD Innovation Cell on "Intellectual Property Rights" for Students and Faculty Members on 10th January 2019 from 1.30 pm to 3.30. pm.

3. ICOER MBA department has Organised an Expert Talk on "Intellectual Property Right" on 10th Jan 2019. The guest speaker for the session was Advocate George Wilson, an expert in Intellectual Property Rights.

4. An awareness programme on AIDS was conducted on 31st December 2018 having eminent personality Dr. Vinod C.A, Medical Officer, Station Medicare Centre (SMC), 2- Wing, Airforce, Lohegaon, Pune.

5. ICOER MBA department's Student Council organised a Road Safety Campaign on 4th Jan 2019 to promote the Road Safety Week and bring awareness among the people of Wagholi area.

6. ICOER MBA department Organised two events named "Mind Masters" and "Minute to Win It" under the National Level Techno-management event organised in the JSPM Wagholi Campus area and winners were awarded with exciting cash awards.

7. A workshop on "Commodity Markets in India" was organised to celebrate the "World Investors week" (1st October to 7th October) in association with MCX India on October 5th 2018.

8. Our Students have visited the Barclays company to have a hands on experience on the industry atmosphere.

9. ICOER MBA department has conducted a training session in association with FUEL from 6/10/2019 to 19/10/2019 to develop the aptitude and soft skills among the students.

10. Our Students of MBA department attended "Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive 2018" organised by Entrepreneurship cell, IIT Kharagpur on 13th October 2018.

11. "Business Opine "- Intra College Business plan competition to be held on 25th January 2019 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Student's Achievements

Department Toppers for University Examination (Semester –III) Academic Year – 2019-20

Marketing Management

Sr. No Name of the Student SGPA Rank
1 Karnawat Payal Deepak 8.78 1
2 Megha Singade 8.67 2
3 Jaybhaye Nikhil Khushalrao 8.67 2

Financial Management

Sr. No Name of the Student SGPA Rank
1 Jadhav Pranali Satish 9.11 1
2 Jagdhane Kushinath Nivrutti 9.11 2
3 Pable Sonali Macchindra 8.44 2

Human Resource Management

Sr. No Name of the Student SGPA Rank
1 Jadhav Rutuja Vasant 8.89 1
2 Wadkar Komal Dattatraya 8.44 2


Toppers for University Examination (Semester –I)

Rank Name of the Student SGPA Rank
1 Ruchika Baban Bhor 7.37 1
2 Prathibha Gajanan Kashid 7.27 2
3 Rohit Shahaji Mohite 7.27 2
4 Aditi Rajesh Gupta 7.17 3
5 Pratiksha Jagtap 7.17 3

The Toppers for the First Year MBA

Rank Name of the Student SGPA
1 Kushinath Nivrutti Jagdhane 8.85
2 Rutuja Vasant Jadhav 8.62
3 Komal Wadkar Dattatraya 8.27

The Toppers for the Second Year MBA

Rank Name of the Student SGPA
1 Akshadha Balu Jagtap 8.78
2 Manchare Balasaheb 8.58
3 Akshay Memane
Dushant Duratkar
Ghodake Priyanka

The students have participated actively in all the sports activities conducted in the intra college level and brought various laurels to the department.
Ms. Pratiksha Satav had participated in various sports activities like Carrom, Table Tennis and Badminton and also out performed well in these sports events and won in all the games.
Our students also actively participated in the intra college cricket competitions and showcased their team work in a well-defined manner.

“Developing Soft skills & Personality”

ICOER- MBA dept congratulate the following students for their outstanding performance in the Online certification course “Developing Soft skills & Personality” conducted by NPTEL & IIT (Kanpur).
1. Kushinath Nivrutti Jagdhane
2. Vijaya Ranganath Supekar
3. Ashwini Auti
4. Chaitali Kale
5. Himanshu Chaudhary

1. Dushant Duratkar is the topper of the first year MBA department with a SGPA of 7.92
2. Shankar Raju Iyer is the topper for the second year MBA department with SGPA of 8.78
3. Students have actively participated in various competitions conducted by various colleges and won several prizes.

PO & CO of MBA Programme

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Head, Department of Computer Engineering
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Dr. Shalini Swamy
T & P Coordinator
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Dr. Prabha Singh

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